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01-31-2013, 09:17 PM
I run a stable of 9 yoons, 6 of them KDF.

Less PvE missions by far then Fed, abd because you start at level 20 an abbreviated PvE levelling track to cap. Easily able to play to cap in under 40 hours of play.

My main is an Orion "Gun Bunny" SCI (the babe in the avatar image) thay currently flys around in a Fleet Retrofit K't'inga. Didn't bother with "seduce" as I wanted her to be a space bound killer, which she does very nicely.

KDF can be great fun, and as has been noted the dilithium grind IS easier KDF side. Find a fleet with a tier 2 or better base to join and go to town.

There more KDF stuff "Possibly" (caviet emptor etc etc it a long story *sigh*) coming later this year, time will tell, but more KDF players welcome always.

Swing on by for some blood wine and glory!

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