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01-31-2013, 10:20 PM
Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
It's the same thing that happens with TNG combadges and the KDF sashes.

...And no, this time it's not a message to tell players to stop using max-bust characters (TNG badges clipped at 50% of the bust sliders!), as it looks odd on both ends of the slider (it's obviously rigid when it doesn't even touch the wearer's breast when bust size is set low).
The thing about the TNG (series) combadge is that it is just to big. It looks like a childrens toy but not like a comunicator.
Additionally althrough they might say otherwise some combadges seem to strech with the body of its wearer.

Another thing is the TNG (series) Uniform, it looks like worn 20 years and totally creased. Cryptics devs seem not to care very much when working on TNG uniforms and other stuff related to it.
Strangely, the DS9 uniform (TNG Movie) looks way better, do we have some DS9 fans with the devs? (or some who don't like TNG?)

I must say i have tried for hours by now and i cant get the new uniform pieces to look good. They don't look even remotely like their original counterparts.

What i would have liked to see was a new TNG uniform with closed collar and cuffs on the sleeves made with the quality of the racing uniform. The belt should be colorizable just like the Jupiter Belt, but without that annoying surface effect which makes it look way to bright all the time.

The Yesterdays Enterprise Belt and Chest ting look like they would belong to Shinzon or some Remans but not like the Belt from that episode.

I absolutely hate the Galaxy class BOFF & Console layout.

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