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01-31-2013, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by denizenvi View Post
Rechargeable batteries were never intended to be used outside of the KDF mission with a shuttle. The fact that they can be taken out of said mission is a bug. Ergo, rechargeable batteries will probably never be released as a legitimate ship device for common use.
There's no reason not to sell them at a vendor for like 5 million EC or whatever. Would make a nice EC sink that this game is in dire need of. There is absolutely zero reason not to. It would be nice for richie rich folk to out right purchase these batteries for convenience. Pretty sure even at the oh so low price of 5 mil, it's pretty damn fair. I would need to buy how many batteries? Like 25,000 batteries per type. Yeah. I'm sure I'll buy that many before it's all said with and done /sarc

I'm struggling to find any balance reason not to offer these batteries in game. I do know that paying zen or dil can suck a big one. I'll sooner just keep buying the regular ****.