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Based on all the current positive feedback influx and the rate at which it is coming in, just like the pvp directory, is it not a good idea to have a maintained thread where issues are kept centralised on the first post.

Please keep discussions out of this thread as it is becoming a challenge to pick up all the issues you guys are posting. Please start an alternate thread if you wish to discuss anything further.

Posting format:
Space ability / Item / Ship / Category
Perceived issue summary

Message from Borticus with regards to responses:
Items that are not listed below are either not currently under review, or we (Cryptic) have no productive feedback to offer at this time.

"Under review" only means that - we (Cryptic) are planning to review the referenced power/mechanic within the next month or two. This is not a promise of a fix, change, or further information. Our review may, in fact, lead us to conclude that the referenced item is working as intended.

Please could we have feedback either way Bort?

Let the list begin

01. Abilities: Warp Plasma /Gravity Well / Tykens Rift / Theta Radiation
Issue: Visual effects for above abilities keep disappearing randomly and become annoying when they can't be seen
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

02. Item: Tachyon Mines
Issue: Seem to be too powerful at stripping shields and hampering shield repair / regen
1) 5% per Mine (... that seems a bit higher than necessary)
2) This isn't easy to answer, as it has a large number of variables involved. But, as an estimate, it looks like it's about on par with 40% of an equivalent-level Photon Mine.
3) No! Shocking! They were not properly tagged when created, so our power system didn't know to affect them.

03. Ability: Crits
Issue: If you get 1 mine to crit, they all crit I.e. Breen cluster torp and tricobalt mines with dispersal patterns.
Status: This is a bug central to our Combat Evaluation code, and affects far more than just Mines. It requires Software assistance, which has been requested. Further updates are out of the hands of the Systems team

04. Weapon: Antiproton
Issue: All other weapons have [ACC]X3 why not antiproton?
Status: [Acc]x3 Antiproton weaponry does exist, but is not currently available in-game. In fact, no Antiproton weaponry drops at all, and is only available from Vendors.

It should be a simple matter to add it. However, the philosophical question of "should we" is still unanswered. Currently, we agree that Accuracy is a better weapon enhancement than Dmg or Crit in almost every possible circumstance, and it's a good idea to attempt to address this discrepancy before reinforcing it with new weapons that capitalize upon it

05. Weapon: Phaser
Issue: Has the best PvP orientated proc and makes the other procs seem inferior
Status: This was altered once before to include a target-based immunity period. We feel this is sufficient for the time being, and that opinions of the relative power of Phasers, compared to other Energy Weapon Procs, are largely based on learned biases from the powers' original state. Phasers also benefit from being the most dramatic weapon proc in the game, causing a level of confirmation bias among players looking for a reason to dislike its current state.

That said, this isn't a wholesale dismissal of the complaint. Further changes are, however, unlikely to happen over any short-term period

06. Ability: Aceton Beam
Issue: cool down too long to be a valid ability in PvP
Status: Under review

07. Ability: Boarding Party
Issue: Too easily countered by tac teams and easily shot down
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

08. Bridge Officer: Human Bridge Officer
Issue: Multiple human bridge officers seem too effective compared to other bridge officers
Status: Under review

09. Item: Aceton Assimilator
Issue: Too many copies of it can be deployed on a map leading to an unfair advantage
Status: Under review

10. Weapon: Photon Torpedo
Issue: Not as effective as other torpedoes so never used in PvP teams
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

11. Weapon: Dual Beam Bank / Beam Arrays
Issue: Apart from beam overload, no other focused ability to make it a viable alternative to heavy cannons on escorts. Ie cannon rapid fire for cannons gives single target burst damage. Cannons have rapid fire for single target and scatter for multiple. No beam rapid fire available for beam based weapons
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

12. Item: Siphon Drone
Issue: Leaves target completely drained of all energy and totally defenceless
Status: Are these complaints based on recent play experience? The functionality of Siphon Drones' drain was drastically altered a few months ago
Yes it is - Based on very recent Klingon queue experience

13. Ability: Charged Particle Burst
Issue: No longer a viable offensive sci ability due to super resistances
Status: Under review

14. Ability: Photonic Shockwave
Issue: No longer a viable science based kinetic damage solution based on the "fix" it had
Status: Under review

15. Ability: Tachyon Beam
Issue: No longer a viable offensive sci ability due to super resistances
Status: Under review

16. Doff: Sub Nucleonic DOFF
Issue: Still feels too overpowered
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

17. Ability: Attack Pattern Omega
Issue: Too many buffs for 1 ability compared to other attack patterns makes it a required ability on escorts
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

18. Ship: JHAS
Issue: Makes all other escorts inferior in turn, hull and bridge officer layout
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

19. Ability: Extend Shields
Issue: Perceived to be overpowered. Should Sub Nuke remove this buff from target or leave it intact? Should it / Does it multi stack?
Status: To be advised by Cryptic
Issue: Healer can permanently chain this ability with 100% up time
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

20. Category: All Emergency Powers
Issue: For a few months now, when using more than one type of EPTX in a ship you will get a drift of around 2 to 3 seconds when executing a secondary EPTX at the 15 second mark of the primary EPTX
Status: To be advised by Cryptic
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