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21. Profession: Engineers
Issue: Lack of profession specific abilities which are castable on team mates (MW and RSF)
Status: Under review

22. Ability: Defense and Movement
Issue: All or nothing nature leads to a held target being disproportionally vulnerable
Status: To be advised by Cryptic
Issue: Lack of other sources of defense leads to disproportionate value for sources of movement immunity and ships which can maintain that immunity
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

23. Ability: Tactical Team
Issue: Removes debuffs for 10s when all other teams work for 5s. Makes debuffing nearly impossibly
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

24. Ability: Mask Energy Signature
Issue: I can't think of a use for this in any part of the game. The cloak's low value can be seen even by NPCs from far off
Status: Under review

25. Ability: Photonic Officer
Issue: Woefully underpeforming compared to advertised rates, long cool down. The ability seems to scale very little between tiers
Status: Under review. Likely to be completely re-designed

26. Category: UI / Targeting
Issue: Tagreting mechanics in general need improvement, however the UI (and player performance) can truly suffer when mass pets and deployables such as mines can literally swamp the field of view
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

27. Effect: Cooldown Recharge Debuff (e.g. SNB, Temporal Inversion Field)
Issue: The cooldown debuff also affects DHC cooldowns. (But it doesn't affect beams iirc.)
Status: Under review

29. PVP Arena: Ships glitch into ceiling
Issue: On use of jump console, ships get glitched in ceiling and cant move
Status: Under review

30. PVP Arena: Kill counts not working correctly
Issue: Kills are not registered in a PVP match potentially linked to death by warp plasma or plasma dots
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

31. Weapon: Tricobalt
Issue: Torpedo does friendly damage, mine doesn't
Status: Fixed

32. Boffs / Gear / Reputation: Various things
Issue: There are many shipclass-agnostic things that provide a huge amount of innate resists and regeneration (both hull and shields) to any ship that equips them which completely negate pressure damage and lead to a situation where the only kills in a premade vs premade situation are super spike kills from 100% to 0% health that happen with tons of tac buffs and multiple subnukes in a timeframe of just a couple of seconds. This invalidates any damage-dealing builds that are not based on SNB or massive spike damage
Status: This sounds like a complaint that is exclusive to 1v1 scenarios, and PvP is not and cannot be effectively balanced around duels when we have 5v5 (or more) arenas as the standard match. If you are in a team environment, the combined damage of coordination is likely to outstrip an enemy's ability to counter.

Teamwork is OP, but we have to assume that everybody uses it

33. Ensign Space Abilities: Tactical Team 1, Polarized Hull 1, Tractor Beam 1, EPT Aux 1,EPT Engines 1
Issue: Listed powers all provide enough of a buff at an Ensign slot invalidating higher tier version
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

34. Ability: Nadion Inversion
Issue: Becomes disabled when weapons go offline. Seems underpowered based on in game description
Status: Nadion Inversion is no longer cancelled if you suffer a "Weapons Offline" mode - Pending QA approval

35. Ability: Placate Stacking
Issue: Almost impossible to target opponent especially in 1 v 1 if this ability is multi stacked
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

36. Item/Power: Vent Theta Radiation
Issue: Even if Hazard emitters is applied to clear the effect, your crew will still die and never recover until you are removed from combat. This renders both the skill Subsystem Repair, and the power Boarding Party useless
Status: Under review

37. Ability: Item/Power: Anti-matter Spread
Issue: Regardless to the amount of points placed in Sensors, the Jam Effect will remain for the full duration, even if the Scramble clears much sooner
Status: Can't reproduce this one

38. Ability: Boarding Party?
Issue: Regardless of exiting game and re-entering, if you relog into game, your cooldown timers do not reset as they should. Should abilities be reset upto 10 mins on abilities? Do they stack if used by multiple players in team? Does the temporal inversion field amplify it? Also, do scrambles amplify it as well? They also affect weapon timers drasticly (Upto 2 mins)
See Picture Please note, picture taken approx. 2 minutes after game had ended
Status: I want to thank everyone that sent us steps to attempt to reproduce this effect. Thanks to your assistance, we were able to track down one of the strangest power interactions I've yet seen since coming to work on STO.

And we just checked in a fix for it.

Boarding parties are still capable, on their own, of putting one or more category of power into cooldown for upwards of 45sec or so. But the interaction of this debuff, coupled with abilities like Subnucleonic Beam and the Bio-SS Doff, will no longer send the cooldown debuff's magnitudes hurdling off into the stratosphere. The effects of each will be applied, and stack in an additive manner, instead of multiplying one another.

39. Weapon: Tetryon
Issue: Proc seems to be underperforming, is relatively weak to start and is also further resisted by PI
Status: Under review

40. Skill: Starship Sensors
Issue: Starship Sensors appropriately cuts the time down for skills such as Scramble Sensors - but has zero effect on the duration of AMS. I tested this personally by having AMS cast on me 5 times in a row in a controlled testing situation using Scramble as the control (Opponent had a 32s scramble which was reduced to 18s each time from 6 ranks in sensors - which equates to 42% resistance, similar to PI)
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

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