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41. Weapon: Phased Tetryon weapons
Issue: Tet proc is only half as strong as the tet proc of stranded tetryon weapons. no other procs on hybrid weapons have reduced magnitude like this. its at the same level it was at before it and the other procs got a balance pass a while back
Status: Fixed

42. Ability: Abandon Ship
Issue: Has been previously mentioned it could/should benefit crew in some way. Current implementation lacks sufficient bonus to provide incentive to use it
Status: Under review

44. Console: RCS Accelerator
Issue: Because the RCS consoles increase turn rate by a percentage rather than a fixed number, they have lower value to lower turn rate ships, sometimes to the point that the console gives no perceivable benefit in effectiveness. At the other end of the spectrum, ships with especially high turn rate gain even more benefit, making it impossible to close any perceived gaps in performance with gear
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

45. Consoles: Engineering power to "X" System consoles
Issue: Too weak to be of any use in PVP. Certain set bonuses far out way the benefit of using one of these consoles making them redundant
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

46. Ability: Fire At Will
Issue: Even without weapons firing, on activation of FAW, there is massive weapons power drain. There seems to be a relationship with autofire in it
Skill Tree
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

47. Ability: Target Subsystem III
Issue: The ability should have 40% chance to disable a subsystem. Yet the new tooltip (changed few patches back) shows only 20% on mark III ability. More of, my subjective feeling is, it does not proc that much after the patch. I used disable shields pretty regularly with it, but lately it feels like 20%. Aka, there is no difference between I and III. Might want to recheck it
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

48. Ability: Phaser Lance
Issue: The native lance of Galaxy-X dreadnought misses 9/10 of the time. Not sure how the accuracy calculations are made, but a weapon with 3 min cooldown that does miss most of the time is useless. Might want to recheck the accuracy math on that one
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

49. Equipment: None Set Engines
Issue: No real reason to utilise any said engines in PVP as they do not grant any additional capabilities like set engines do
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

50. Hangar Bay Pet: Type 8/10 shuttles
Issue: Lack of useful function relative to other Fighter-type pets. Chiefly, they seem utterly superfluous in the face of Peregrine, Stalker, and Scorpion Fighters as well as Shield Drones. Their in-built Polarize Hull is of little-to-no practical use. Their weapons are not of any appreciable use relative to fighters, which even eclipse them in the Intercept role. There is no situation where slotting the Type 8/10's is an option that is of equal or greater value than any other hangar pet. They are always flatly inferior to other Fighter-options in all capacities
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

51. Space HUD: All counter on all abilities reset to 2 mins
Issue: Something causes all abilities to reset to 2 minutes including weapons and cannont be cleared by anything. This has started occurring since Feb 14th Patch. Also occurs in STF's

Managed to consistently replicate the 2 min cool down bug:
Vid 1
Vid 2
Status: Fixed

52. Weapon: All Torpedoes & Mines
Issue: Torpedo/Mine crew death proc too common/not in line with tooltip procs
(See post 139 for more information)
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

53. Ability: Inertial Dampeners
Issue: Seems to have no effect vs. Tractor Beams of any type, power, or size of ship. The Tool Top description states you will be slowed less from Tractor beams (Tractor Beam is a Hold not a slow). Works fine vs. Tractor Beam Repulsors, or any other ability
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

54. Torpedo HY/Spread, Beam Overload
Issue: Recent changes (removal of torpedo global cooldown, introduction of energy drain resists for non-engineers via doffs) have introduced ways to use the damage potential that comes from "preloading" a HY/TS/BO, then waiting 15s, loading a second one and then firing both of them in rapid succession (occasionally even three, by firing slightly before the next 15s pass and the first comes off cooldown again). This was not possible in the original S1.2 implementation because of global cooldowns and massive power drain. Is this new damage potential working as intended?
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

55. Proc: Plasma Fire
Issue: With the Romulan torpedo spammer and perhaps some mines you can get so many stacks up of plasma fire that a ship is literally burned alive in less than 30 seconds. If you can't run two copies of HE, then you're screwed. Simply put: the plasma fire can stack too many times
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

56. Item: Elite Fleet Shields' [Adapt] modifier
Issue: An incredibly high innate resist with no way of removing it for any significant amount of time. This leads to matches with >60% average resist on everyone. This problem is made worse by the fact that three of the most popular energy types are combined into an additional resist modifier that is available for these shields
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

57. Directed Energy Distribution Manifold; Prefire Chamber
Issue: These items give significantly less additional damage than the energytype versions of the tactical consoles, which makes them ultimately useless
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

58. Ability: Eng Team Cleanse on Viral Matrix
Issue: ET does not reliably clear the VM effect. Everytime I do Acamar and the warbird VMs me, I use ET, it fixes the currently disabled system and then VM goes on to disable other systems
Status: ET is unreliable against VM, that much is true. This is due to how VM is currently built, and is on my list of goals to tackle when there's time. The power's functionality is planned to remain as close to unchanged as possible, but the way in which it is built has to change radically in order for cleanses to work correctly and reliably.

For the time being, if you wait for the first subsystem to be put offline+1sec, ET should reliably cleanse and prevent any further VM interactions on your ship, from that application of the debuff

59. Abilities: Attack Pattern Alpha, Go Down Fighting, Attack Pattern Omega, Emergency power to Weapons
Issue: The % damage bonuses are multiplicative with one another instead of additive. Two abilities both active giving +50% damage each increase damage by 125% instead of 100%. This strikes me as an oversight similar to when Tractor Beam Repulsars damage was boosted by two skills
Status: To be advised by Cryptic

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