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02-01-2013, 12:12 AM
The pictures you provided show a different uniform than the one we get for the 3rd anniversary event.
In those pictures, they are wearing a more goldish belt. If you watch the episode, you will see the lower crew members in season 1 TNG uniforms wearing the same silver belt and chest sash we get as one of the mission rewards.

So yes, we did get the top, for free during the TNG 25th anniversary event. Though if I recall it comes with the C store TNG season 1 admiral uniform now.

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This uniform has been in game from before the Season 1 uniform from the TNG anniversary event.

The uniform pack is in the c-store.
That is the regular TNG season 3 to 7 uniform, it has an open collar while the Yesterdays Enterprise alternate 24th century top had a closed collar and black cuffs on the sleeves.

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