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02-01-2013, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
When I saw the awesome gear on the Ent-C, I did a doubletake.

I seriously think we're in yet a new timeline where the ship must have survived Narendra III. Because I pwned an entire Tholian fleet with a hundred year old ship (not design, the actual ship is 100 years behind the times compared to the Tholians) with the best of the best gear any player could want. Maybe the Tholians upgraded it?

Whatever the case, I can't wait to hear all about Admiral Yar and her ongoing feud with her estranged daughter Sela whom she conceived with a Romulan general who defected when he was captured at Narendra III, documented as the glorious day when the Enterprise C turned four Romulan Warbirds inside-out in 30 seconds flat. The Klingons were so impressed that Yar was the first non-Klingon to be presented with the medal of the Order of Kahless by K'mpec himself in 2345.

Because that's the only logical conclusion I can draw about what will happen after completing the anniversary mission.
Actually to me, the uber-gear on the Enterprise C made a lot of sense. It explains quite a bit that all hero ships are obviously toting 'l33t h4x' stuff, and why they always win so easily.

Plus there is the fact that people as low as level 6 are gonna be playing this mission, so it'd need high level stuff to offset the lack of captain powers and such. I don't doubt that any of us here could, and did wipe the floor with those Tholians, and given enough time probably could've taken down that Tarantula if the Wells class didn't pop up.