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That was coming from someone who always bashes the Bortasqu too and thinks it sucks just because he doesn't know how to pilot it properly, so take his opinions with a grain of salt. He also obviously doesn't know about the Somraw/ Fleet Somraw and how it doesn't have the pivot issues of the Qin. But even with pivot issues Qin is still great in STFs, just has trouble keeping up with escorts sometimes in pvp.
No, I bash teh Bort, because I don't LIKE the Bort, (as in, I can run it, I just don't ENJOY running it). Notably, you're VERY defensive about your lifestyle choices, presuming that anyone who doesn't LIKE to run in a mud-slow, sluggish, bulky office-building/space-station-with-an-engine must be incapable of doing so, ignorant, incompetent, etc.

The difference between the two, is the difference between a Monster Truck and a Motorcycle-both are single-passenger rides, but one's a hell of a lot easier to get up a mountain trail than the other. (i.e. doing that which requires putting the target in front of the guns.)

Now, there ARE trade-offs made; I have mission flexibility, speed, and turn rate, you have as much resistance as a small task force, and depending on model, the potential to run 40% higher output on your guns on a per-gun basis and two more turrets than I can carry.

But you pay for it in turn radius, inertia (accelleration and stopping distance), and flexibility in your non-hardware mission powers (Bridge Officer abilities). which is fine, if that's what you like.

MY not-liking-it has zero to do with not understanding the advantages or build-I just don't like it, and find that my "Motorcycle" does the same basic jobs your "Monster Truck" does-but in a more compact, stripped down, and comfortable (for me) package. (oh, and CHEAPER-I didn't have to pay fifty bucks for mine, nor grind EC until my fingers bled...)

Capische, Surat? Put in the terms of another game, not everyone needs to waddle around in an Atlas to be competitive-some of us can do it in a Jenner.
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