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02-01-2013, 02:27 AM
I wouldn't be opposed to Cruisers getting a slight boost to their combat effectiveness, but I honestly think the core problem lies elsewhere.

The game is incredibly limited in what it can and can't do by its engine. The heavy instancing means there's no open Space like everybody wants, which means players are stuck doing a lot of combat in instanced areas that has no effect on the game world at large, which really negates any need for ships to do anything except deal damage.

Science ships can't use Science solutions to close or collapse dangerous Negative Space Wedgies, nobody can investigate anything, etc. These are old complaints, of course, but it is a failing of the game at the most basic level that the devs factor in the ability for a ship to tank or heal, but never makes it a necessary part of gameplay.

There are ways to solve this problem, though. An idea to change Khitomer Accord Space comes to mind -- perhaps a Science captain in a Science ship could actually close the huge time gate, preventing Probes from using it until the Borg re-open the gate? This way, an Escort-heavy group would still be able to just kill the probes before they got to the gate, but if a group is light on Escorts, a Science captain could close the portal so people could take a little more time destroying the Probes.

Just basic changes to make people feel like their ship types actually matter are really needed.