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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
Not a bad idea, although I'd not like to be wearing those shoes whiel having to run somewhere. You might accidently blow your foot off

I'll be completely honest about my peice of tech - I stole it from the game Elite Force.

The phaser has to be VERY violently agitated (like when a tattoo artist will shake a bottle of ink to blend it properly prior to pouring) for 10 seconds to build the charge, even the most strenuous workout wouldn't affect the fluid powercell I figured anyone running from their enemy prior to capture might be scanned upon capture, so it needs much more kinetic input to power up (the idea is that it has absolutely zero stored power until agitated, and even then, only develops enough of a charge for maybe a few shots on level one, or a single shot at level 4, before needing re-charging) as would have to read as inert plastic unless it was actually in use

Hee hee, not sure if borrowed ideas will qualify for the new tech award I saw

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