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02-01-2013, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by resoundingenvoy View Post
So goes the theory anyway.
even in practice... but most of players fail in building their toons and cruisers.

It's my original question? Why bother tank when you can remove the need to tank all together by just blowing something up first and faster.

Escorts really that much damage, and not uncommonly.

have you ever tried to tank a tactical cube using an escort? What if you use CSV against several spheres?
I stopped using CSV because often cruisers do not tank or heal, when I play ISE if the tactical cube is attacking me I can stand just 2-3 seconds, I must start flying away, then turning back fire again and go away to regenerate my shield and hull... so I spend a lot of time healing or flying away, not firing.
The best stf I played I played with real tank/healer and real debuffer.