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02-01-2013, 03:42 AM
It depends for what you want to use your ship. My Fleet Heavy Cruiser retrofit (assault cruiser layout)

Tactical Team I, Attack pattern Delta I
Beam Fire at Will I or Beam Overload I

Emergency Power to Weapons I, Aux to SIF I, Emergency Power to Shields III, DEM 3
Emergency Power to Engines I, RSP I, Extended Shields II

Hazzard Emmiters I, Science Team II

2x damage control doffs (purple)
2x development lab doff
1x DEM doff or Extended Shield doff

6x beam, 2x whatever (I use 2x photon front)
Maco Shield + whatever 2 bonus you want from other sets

2x SIF console, 1x Armor Console, 1x whatever you want console
3x Shield Emmiter Console
3x Energy type console

The idea is to just use Emergency Power to Shields and weapons for almost 100% uptime (thanks to damage control doff) and to heal yourself with science team II when your shields are down. Good dmg, good team support skills, awesome tank.