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02-01-2013, 03:55 AM
One thing that I think could really change cruisers would be for them to have a built in improvement to beam weapons "Staggered Fire"; quite simply they would ensure that when firing multiple beam weapons that only one fires initially, followed by a second, and then third.

The result here is to balance power drain, and ensure that a cruiser deals constant damage, never really giving enemy shields a chance to recharge. They wouldn't do any extra damage; that's what the escorts are for, but they would guarantee that enemy shields are stripped and kept that way, giving torpedo boats and other burst-damage ships a chance to strike.

Currently no-one bothers trying to stagger their fire because it's a huge pain to do, but by letting cruisers do it automatically they shouldn't actually suffer as much as they currently do thanks to the power drain of a full broadside, and gives them a better capacity to do constant damage that only spikes if they have an asymmetric weapon layout (e.g - torpedo launchers, dual beam banks etc.).