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The +7.6% from the Romulan Harness 2pc - will only affect your directed energy weapon damage and the DEW DoTs. Won't affect DoTs from torps, mines, nor your EWP. Just something to keep in mind when you're looking at your damage down the road.

The 3x Plasma Infusers will provide +damage to your directed energy weapons, your DEW DoTs, your various Plasma Torp DoTs, the mine DoTs, and EWP. Won't affect the kinetic damage from the torps or mines. But Ambiplasmas that do affect the kinetic damage, only affect the PDoTs from your torps and mines - they don't affect EWP or DEW DoTs.

edit: Personally, I find that the above items - well, they make me frown. I'd rather that the 2pc affect everything like an Infuser. I also find it odd that an Infuser does what it does while an Amibplasma only does what it does...but that's neither here nor there in the end...just kind of disappointing.

Regarding the Field Gens, while they come up quite often in PvP discussions - have you ever really felt the need for them in PvE (Elite STFs)...? If not, you may want to consider the Romulan Threat-Scaling Science Consoles with the [Pla] modifier (+Plasma Damage (+PDoT for non-Plasma Energy Weapons)). Could be a case of looking at Particle Gens (+Dmg for your EWP as well as for your Iso Charge) or Emitters for your shields if you feel them to be a concern still.

If you've opened lockboxes on this particular toon or intend to at some point (various folks can argue the value of this) - at some point you may want to replace the RCS with the Tachyokinetic Converter (200 Lobi: +22.9% Turn, +17.2 Grav, +0.76% CrtH, +7.6% CrtD) which will give you some additional CrtH to go with the CrtH you're getting from the Borg and 0Point.

While they're pretty expensive, imho, down the road if you've got Dil just sitting around - you may also want to consider replacing the Plasma Beam Arrays with Romulan Plasma Beam Arrays. They'll add the 2.5% Disruptor Proc which can reduce the hull resistance of the target (which in turn boosts your PDoT/EWP damage even as the target's shields may still be up).

Along those lines, it may be a case of you wanting to test working Attack Pattern Beta into your BOFF layout for the damage resistance debuff it provides - increasing that hull damage. It also helps out the team since it's applied to the target (or targets, since you've got FAW and TS).

I might come back to this if I remember, haven't had my morning caffeine yet.

I might post both my Eng builds here - both are Plasma builds (Fed bounces around between a Chel Grett and Assault Cruiser (likely to be replaced by the Ambassador) and KDF bounces around between a Chel Grett and a Mirror Vor'cha (unlikely to be replaced by the Kamarag - just too damn squishy (-800 crew, -1000 hull, +0.5 turn is actually working out to be -1400 hull and +1.2 turn on that particular toon))...

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