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02-01-2013, 04:36 AM
The belt and harness for the Yesterday's Enterprise costume certainly looks cool. It is a costume piece that I was hoping would always be in the game.

However, I noticed that the harness (chest piece) doesn't line up with certain belts, as they are worn lower one one's avatar. I was curious if it would be possible/feasible to have it modified so that its length would auto adjust to whatever belt one was wearing? It is a great looking piece, but looks odd when it is not attached to a lower belt.

Its length matches with the following belts:

Yesterday's Enterprise
The Wrath Of Khan
Winter Coat Belts (all)
Deep Space Nine Admiral

It does not line up with the following belts:

Enterprise Mirror Universe - (Female only. It lines up on most male avatars, with some slight overlapping on the front of the belt, and clipping on both the front and back.)
Sash - TOS Mirror Universe


I realize the harness is designed for use with the Yesterday's Enterprise belt, but it would certainly be nice if it could be used in conjunction with all belts while maintaining the same 'connected' look. Regardless if it is possible or not to modify this; great work on the costume pieces and that of the entire third year anniversary event. Thank you very much!

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