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02-01-2013, 05:58 AM
Originally Posted by solomace View Post
I like you m8

You give courage to your convictions, i'll give you that, but you have now started to sound a bit "preachy".

Still no idea why you feel the need to post about people "whining". It seems to be effecting you in a big way, with all the long "not whiney" posts you are doing, but I sill don't see the harm it's doing if people are posting their dislike.

My response to you at first was about you "complaining" about people "complaining" and I just found it ironic.

You seem to be sticking to the fact that you are not whining, but every post you do, sounds like a whine and a rant, with a little bit of holier than thou chucked in on the side.

If your happy with the game, great. Come on and post how much you love it and how great Cryptic is, but remember, forum dwellers will come on and pick holes or disagree. The point is not tell do what you have done and call their posts whines.

Anyway, bed now. I will respond to your "not whine" response tomorrow.

Not the least, i am just sure in my conviction that 'you' should not be ungrateful for things you get.
I was not complaining at all.

More or less i was trying to convince people that "whining" / "complaining" constantly wont help, and as this game is free to play, i see it as being ungrateful in comparison of what they already is getting.
It's like taking the kids with you shopping.
They see something they want, you say no, not this time, and they continue to want it, and as kids, they whine when they dont get what they want.
So in this, you would say that the parent is just as whiney as the kids?

And this is what i see in many of the posts.
People acting like children because they are not getting what they want.
"Fix that" Give us this" "if not i' wont play anymore" "Craptic" "You broke something again!"

And this, i dont know where you found this
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/Rant not whine stuff.