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# 1 Engi/Cruiser Build Help Plz
02-01-2013, 06:01 AM
Hi, I'm a bootcamp student and newbie pvp'er; been to both camps twice (as my tac [cet] and engi [est]). So you can see I'm really serious about trying to understand these fundamentals lessons well.

This is my proposed build based on the classes. It's tweaked a little from the suggested trees as I do a lot of PvE and tank with my Ody so I need 9 Threat and some points in Attack Patterns (APD). With this in mind I need help please with two questions:

1. How many points if any should my eng/cruiser/healer put into Starship Sensors? One of my coaches suggested 6 points, the other zero. I realize alot of the skill tree choices are opportunity costs but it seems like Sensors makes sense as i have been in a few bouts with annoying Scramble Sensors, Jam, AMS, etc. My problem is what skills to sacrifice to get 6 pips in Sensors?

2. Are points in Flow Capacitors a waste? I would eventually like to get Polarized Disruptor Accx2 BAs as well as Phased Tetryons (was told to get multiple weapon types depending on how the match is going and the team is built).

Thanks for taking the time to assist me. And if you see anything else that's glaring plz let me know.