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02-01-2013, 07:12 AM

General server stability improvements.
Patch notes continued;

Fixed PvP balance: KDF Level cap now set to 40
All Fleet projects (Starbase and Embassy) now require Lock Box Keys and Dilithium only to complete.
Lobi crystals are now bound to account as opposed to bound to character, but will expire in 24 hours if not used.
Fleet ships now cost 8 Fleet ship Modules and 400,000 Dilithium.
3 new Federation ships added, 6 KDF ships removed.
All KDF boots now have spikes.
Any zone, fleet, local, or private chat now de-cloaks all ships on the server.
Beaming to First City no longer sends you to the Shipyard, sends you to Drozna station instead.
Lockbox drop rate now increased by a factor of 200.
Fixed invisible Borg torpedoes: All Borg weapons now invisible.
Fixed framerate due to balloons: FPS now locked at 5 FPS.