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02-01-2013, 06:13 AM
Are you sure the rommie 2pc doesn't affect plasma torp dots?

Plasma Energy consoles and the Rommie threat consoles most certainly do. I must admit I didn't think to check the 2pc.

Also, currently plasma is the best energy type for PvE if you can get some rommie threat consoles and the rommie set. PvP it is more viable then it has been, as well. If you have 3-4 sci slots to spend on rommie consoles you can push past the 20% reduction to plasma damage. Of course, they can still clear the DoT with hazard emitters but it is better then it was in the past.

If you aren't going to PvP plasma is a no-brainer, so have fun setting things on fire.

Edit: And while my ship doesn't take advantage of it, using THY on the Omega Plasma Torp is some fun times... I think you will enjoy it =P

Edit2: Also, the romulan plasma weapons are very nice. Disruptor is a strong proc, so getting it along with your plasma goodness is a double win.

Edit3: The "Adpatped KHG" (is that the name? I haven't checked, what Fed's call M.A.C.O.) is a tanky set. It will be a bit more defensive then your KHG, but at the cost of your offense.
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