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02-01-2013, 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by playhard88 View Post
Ability: Extended shields
Issue: The stacking capability of extend shields should be removed, no more 5 crusiers teams, this also will help to reduce the breach beetwen premades/pugmades vs pugs. This will include an "skill" factor into the healing role, no just throw 3 extended shields every time the enemy team focus on one of us.

imho this is totaly wrong, APO is probably the only effective skill in an escort build for movement debuffs, if u nerf this skill, then will be needed an complete rebump in all the movement debuff skills
By definition you have just validated my statement - "only effective skill". That means its out of whack with the other attack patterns. Doesn't that mean that Attack Pattern Beta and Delta need buffing in some way?

Why don't you just switch target when you see multiple extends? That's what most teams do - Pointless wasting abilities on that type of target.

Surely the Skill to countering extend shields is to dummy attack a fake target who receives the extends before you attack the actual target? You do have a 15 second window to kill someone.

Another valid strategy is to have a photonic shockwave available at the right time to simply knock them off? This is another skill.
Another is to repulse the target out of the extender's range?
Another is to use the MACO beam to push the target out of the healers range?
That's already 4 very viable counters, but none the less, i'll add it.