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02-01-2013, 07:35 AM
Let me guess, your main is a JHAS?

The reason no one cries about the Defiant, is because it isn't disproportionately better than any other escort in the game.

Who cares about the extra Tac console when it has the squishy LT ENG boff seating compared to the JHAS.

And lol at the idea that one Sci console is a great handicap for the JHAS.

It has the most damage potential, best boff layout for an Escort, 5 Tac consoles, 4 Eng consoles, best turn rate of Escorts.

There are no drawbacks. There's a reason all premades run JHAS in their setups.

Cryptic, give my Defiant the Patrol Escort config and I'll be happy.