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02-01-2013, 06:38 AM
obviously you have the jem bug, but stop beeing a child, of course you know nothing about pvp, you talk about shields ? its not shields you want to hit, its the hull dmg that kills the enemie, the shield is just a barrier between that ( of course the jem bug wins with the shield modifier too ) --- the tactical escort has the cloaking device, yeah, the weak one, the console one, wich can be replaced with a field gen or a plating console, much better for pvp huh ? alpha strikes are gone, they suck. so lets not talk about special consoles coz we know most of them are useless.

lets resume this and compare the important numbers:

fleet tactical escort retrofit----------jem hadar attack ship
hull :33,000----------------34,500
shield mod: 0.9------------1.0
turn rate: 17---------------20

minor differences ? on the paper yes, but 1.5k more hull, with the player having the "starship structural integrity" skill maxed, which gives you approximatly +13% hull points to the ship, the jem hadar not only benefits from the standard hull points, it benefits too on ALL hull skills based on the hull points, the same happens with the shield modifier and the "shield system" skill, 0,1 doesnt seem that much, but it does, more than 1k shield cap with covariants and "shield systems" maxed, lets not talk about the turn rate, i think you had enough. not to remeber that the jem can use the jem consoles on 1 of its eng console slot ( loosing approximatly 6% hull resis, with 4 purple mk xii plating consoles ), the defiant dont benefit from its extra science console, the shield cap is too low to notice any big difference...

if you still die with the bug in an escort 1vs1 you are doing something wrong...