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02-01-2013, 07:42 AM
What's the Different between Section 31 Roleplay and Other Fleets?

Section 31 Roleplay provides you with a great place to enjoy the world of Star Trek Online. We have dedicated officers who have been trained in dealing with new recruits to the world of Star Trek Online.

Not only do we offer our officers great training, we have a great community as we play many games. Our community is large, and fun filled. You can create memories, and friends.

What do I get in return?

You get a free customized forum signature (similar to one below)
You get a free personalized S31 email address
You get access to a full Fleet Bank in Star Trek Online
The Latest news from the Star Trek Community

How to I get started?

1. Go to
2. Register to the forums:
3. Once you have confirmed your account via your email address, click on "Enroll to Section 31 Roleplay" in the Navigation Bar
4. Wait for your application to be accepted!

Make sure you tell us your character name and handle, e.g. charactername@handle OR Richard Evans@section31rp

Check out our website:
Richard Evans
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