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02-01-2013, 06:44 AM
Originally Posted by magniacapra View Post
You kind of get the impression that the Big is suppose to be that much better than the rest... With the rarity/cost (chance to get from lockboxes significantly less than normal) and all.

Wouldn't mind a nerf, maybe some hull reduction and the ensign engineer turned into an ensign tac... (I can smell the tears already.)

Another way to nerf it would be to release more ships with NONE ****TY TURN RATES. If 4 or 6 ships that wheren't shuttles had degrees per second of +40 there would be a lot less QQ'ing.
Maybe Cryptic should just buff the other Escorts instead.

For starters, give the Defiant a Patrol Escort config. That's the biggest thing that hurts it, IMO. It is more vulnerable to subnuke than the JHAS because of the lack of RSP. Yeah, I realize it's a team game and you can still be saved, but the JHAS is a bit more self-reliant and less of a drain on the team because of its RSP.