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02-01-2013, 06:49 AM
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Not having any tattoos, I'm not sure how violently an artist shakes their bottle before starting, but from what you have said, I now have this image in my head of a Starfleet officer running from someone shooting at him, diving into cover, then removing his boot and furiously shaking it before pointing it out of cover and opening up at the enemy. Brilliant

I don't mind if I don't get the new tech award for the PTB. I have plenty of other ideas. My friends and I have often sat around chatting about Star Trek and how we would abuse... erm, utilise, the advanced technology.
Awesome mental image, but the officer would take the phaser out of their hollow boot heel first I guess if you were to shake something in your hand, moving your hand about an inch up and down as hard and fast as you can, that's the kind of agitation the powercell would require to build a useable charge, anything below that ie running, it would remain inert The idea was that this would literally be a last resort tool to maybe blow open a cell door, and stun the guard, before then taking their weapon for extended use (Or indeed having to keep ducking from cover and building the charge up again) But essentially, the idea is that if scanned, it would simply register as an inert piece of plastic, so indistinguishable from the rest of the material of the boot heel