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02-01-2013, 06:51 AM
I used to fly the Galaxy-X often. I really enjoyed the lance and toys. When they released the Fleet Excelsior I jumped into that and flew that for quite a while. Just recently I thought I would go back and fly my dreadnought for a few stf's and it was...for the lack of a better word...painful. It really sucks when you are engaging multiple enemy ships and you are focusing on one of the ships and then after it's destroyed you realize the other ship(s) have flanked you. Then you have to try and turn the beast around. Good luck with's not like your in any danger of dieing with these enemies on your ass. It's just painfully boring to sit there turning for 10 seconds just to get back into firing position. I never use my Galaxy-X anymore. I can't stand to fly anything with a turn rate under 7. I think all fed cruisers should get a +1 bump to their turn rate. It wouldn't break the semblance of ?balance? that we currently have now, but it would make these ships a lot more fun to fly.

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