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obviously you have the jem bug, but stop beeing a child, of course you know nothing about pvp, you talk about shields ? its not shields you want to hit, its the hull dmg that kills the enemie, the shield is just a barrier between that ( of course the jem bug wins with the shield modifier too ) ---.
Escorts survability is 100% about shield tanking and speed/manuvering, if u don't know that, probably is you who need to learn a little bit of PvP, "december 2012 registerd pro PvP player"

Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
it should be better and it is better, but people still thinks the bug is not op coz they are nooby pvpers and they still die in combat, the bug is op compared to its class cousins, so stop all this madness, and admit it, its op and you still die on it
U will die in combat with or without a jem'hadar, with or without an OP ship, that is not the point of this topic, even a full tank/healer crusier can die. OP not means inmortal. If u can't kill a jem'hadar maybe is your fault
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