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02-01-2013, 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by sollaf View Post
By more Characters, that's what I do, that way I can have eng heavy ships on my eng, Escorts on my tacts (yes tacts, i have too many escorts lol. Name one, I have it ), and Sci ships on my sci.
Buying more characters and having them go through the reputation is not an option any more with the way things are.

As for getting rid of older and lower tier ships, I too like maxing them out and reusing them for special missions and PvPs. Why should I have to get rid of a ship I used at a lower tier because I am a high ranking admiral? If I should just get rid of my lower tier ships to make space for the higher tier ones, why even own the Constitution or NX-class?

Cryptic needs to deal with the issue of slots available for the users, whether it is ship, bank, or inventory slots. The more content they put out there, the more space we--the user--need. And if they are going to limit us, then what's the point of spending real money on Zen?