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02-01-2013, 07:10 AM
No Sci focused ship with a cloak.....whaaaaaaaaat?

Heghta is free at 40

B'rel can dump sci and torps from the enhanced battle cloak, and lay mines without decloaking at all. It is potentially the best focused sci ship in game.

Chron spread sci dump in the 3 second window - chron/trico mines after recloak
-or, you can dump heals-

The Fleet B'rel....meh.....only brings it inline with the Heghta, i suppose the extra engi console is good for universals - still gonna get one. You can run a fairly amusing vm/ eject wp /gravwell - or psw /w ever popular phaser and trico -with added photonic torp console, thx feds- for full on disabling goodness with the beefier frame (and still have thy/crf /dpb). Just hit pol hull eps rsp evasive and make the run till the cloak comes back up - fade to black-. And of course, you always have ss and subnuc. Wait till some baddie pops all his garb to survive the raptor fire and come in screaming with a subnuc lead.

Conversely, if you just dont want to tango, go with 4 torps forward, 1 to taste (I like chrono spread) and then bio nueral, breen cluster, and harpeng with one torp and one mine rear for dispersal and spread/photo torp. 3 cd skills sure, but cooking one from cloak gives you the option of a spread and a photo, or a photo dispersal out of ebc - still dumping sci. The potential for cc and disabling in any sci bop is absurd..and if you want, you can bring a little dps to the table.

(keep in mind the rep skills as well, specifically the t5 sci/cloak)

Now sure, sure, the BOPS can't take a hit....but I leave the tanking to the engineers slowboating around in their bricks/crossheals.

Truth be told, there just isn't a whole lot of sci that's useful, and it's easy to pick up what its all fairly long cd (leaving you pretty useless as a focused sci guy in the interim) you're left with the choice of potentially shield tanking in a fed sci, or bringing more deeps to the table in a pve I like my vesta (not that you cant get a nice pvp vesta build - it just doesn't have the same surprise 1 finger salute that coming out of cloak to dump sci and dps does))....pvp..well, my vote goes kdf for useful sci.

(vu'qov is more of an engi boat, kar'fi tac - though sci can do fine - in pve- with either, ss/photo fleet and all)

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