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02-01-2013, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by opiewan100 View Post
Again its the look its not the functionality, I will never understand how folks complain there isn't enough story and then when they add something that has more value to the story than to PvP or even Pve its still not good enough.

Remember there needs to be a balance issue, After all do you run missions in a freighter?

So no I don't think you missed anything its not a mission specific ship Period its a back-story ship. Also probably one they had to get permission to add since I am sure the look is trademarked.

So sit back and if you dont like it do piolet the thing.

Ok, first off - I get it. I'm just commenting that I expected it to be at least comparable to a standard T1 cruiser of the appropriate rank. It's not. I'm sure at some point I'll find a use for it. As an RP think, I'm sure it's really cool - but I'm not really into the RP thing when it comes to video games.

Also, unbunch thine panties - I know the standard thing to do is complain about everything, but I'm more of an old-school gamer, and I know stuff happens, and not everyone plays the same way as I do, so it's really no big deal. I had a blast playing the mission, got a cool ship that I may or may never use from playing the mission, and that is that. No big deal.