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02-01-2013, 07:27 AM
1. Vice-Admiral-level refilt of the "Cruiser" (Consitution-Class refit)

2. Romulans as Playable Faction (Playable from Level 1, see below)

3. Klingons Playable from level 1

Currently there seem to be very few Klingon players. Federation-vs-klingon PvP queues have very long wait times because of the lack of Klingon players. Ususally there are already 5-6 Federation players in line, and 0-1 Kingons...
In MMOs players often have a Main Charakter they play most of the time, and maybe one or more alternate characters they only play every now and then.
Since new players can only play federation, and Klingons are only unlocked at level 25, a Klingon charactert will only be an alternate character. After you spent so much time with your Federation character he IS you Main character.

By making Klingons (an possible other playable factoins) availible to new players (at level 1) would certainly increase the number of players with main characters from that faction.