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02-01-2013, 08:36 AM
they have not said thier adding a new faction..

people are assuming with the "Under the wings of the raptor" image thats its another faction.

Its a new FE featuring the Romulans most like with the return of Sela

((Denise crosby is not going to spend a few days at cryptic and do voice interviews/adverts for just two lousy mission, even if it is the 3 anniversery shlock...with what they have to pay her you can bet your butt they're going to use her voice and get every last penny out of her time.))

we've heard from a number of Cryptic scources.. "No New Factions untill the KDF is finished"

we need a bit more untill we're.. finished/complete as a faction. and everytime they add stuff to the feds they create more they must add to the KDF. chill, relax.. our time is coming.

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