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Yep. Seeking advice. There are some very smart people in this community...and although I have played since beta and am a lifetime subscriber, I know for a fact that I do not know everything that there is to know about this game...on top of that...I am coming back to the game after an extended absence, so I thought I would ask for advice.

I am in a Fleet Vorcha -- I am a LTG Engineer. I am working towards optimizing my fleet Vorcha as a plasma rig...below are my current stats, as well as what I am attempting to achieve...what I am asking is if I am missing anything obvious...oh - -and I mostly PvE -- I used to PvP a lot...but sort of stopped once the reputation system kicked I mostly grind for reputation with Romulan and Omega.

Yes...I know that Plasma may not be the most efficient weapon set out there...yes, I know that Quantums do more damage than Plasma torps (or so I have heard), especially on burst...but anyone who has seen The Old Series "Balance of Terror" and saw that expanding ball of plasma as it engulfs the Enterprise and ruins Kirk's day...well...yep. It is a preference.

Here is my current setup -- it is focused more towards damage...but has a fair degree of survivability as well (I think):

Weapons loadout
Fore: Plasma Beam Array Mk XII x3, Plasma Torp Launcher Mk XII
Rear: Kinetic Cutting Beam, Plasma Beam Array Mk XII x 2, Plasma Torp Launcher Mk XII

Engines: Borg Assimilated.
Shield: KHG Mk XII
Deflector: KHG Mk XII

Consoles: Borg Universal (with Cutting Beam gives me the Borg Weapons bonus), Zero Point Energy Conduit (Plasma Set), Isometric, Plasmatic Leech, RSC Accelerator Mk XI, Field Generator Mk XI x2, Plasma Infuser Mk XI x 3

BOFF Skills: Eject Warp Plasma III, Engineer Team 1 and 3, Transfer Shield Strength 1, Emergency Power to Structure 1, Emergency power to Shields 1, Torp High Yield 1 and 2, Torp Spread 2, Fire at Will 1, Beam Overload 3, Hazard Emitters 1.

Bonuses: KHG Set (2 pieces, Tactical Readiness), Borg Assimilated Weapons Set (2 pieces, Omega Weapons Amplifier).

Okay...what I am working towards:

Same as above...but switch out the forward weapons with a Romulan Hyper Plasma Torp and a Romulan Experimental Beam Array (that will give me the Romulan plasma set bonus, Plasma Conductive, and Plasma Hyperflux). Switch out the rear plasma torp with the Omega Plasma Torp (that will complete the Omega set, giving me Reactive Deflection). Replace the Borg Engine with a KHG Mk XII engine, completing the KHG set, and gaining those bonuses.

Now...questions...I favor the KHG set...but that is mostly because when I started collecting the pieces, it was the only one (besides MACO or Omega..can't remember which one was open to both feds and us) that we could get...since then, the fed set has opened up for us as that superior to the KHG set?

Finally...what am I missing? Is there something obvious I should correct?

Thanks for your time. If any advice is forthcoming, I will enjoy reading it.
My suggestion is to focus on the one benefit plasma has over other weapons: plasma burn.

That is the only thing that makes them different from using another energy weapon type.

Beam plasma dot is really crappy and does not stack. This is a problem. Plasma Torpedo burn does not stack with another torpedo burn but it does stack with beam burn proc..but high yield plasma burn does stack with itself and the other two.

Therefore you need to be thinking on using shield-bypassing damage and things that enhance it.

Directed Energy Modulation
transphasic torpedo/breen cluster torp.
Omega passive ability tier 4 that adds kinetic damage to hull @ 2.5% proc rate for beams.
disruptor proc.
atk pattern beta
torpedo-dmg boosters: KHG 2 piece set, ferengi console

So, personally I'd say:

Equip 2 plasma heavy cannons (plasma disruptor cannons would be ideal but you get higher plasma burn from mk12 fleet plasma kits), breen cluster torp (or hargh'peng torp) and hyper-plasma torp up front.
Equip 2 disruptor turrets, kinetic beam and a plasma torpedo in the rear.

Why? the 2 heavy plasma cannons plus 2 disruptor turrets (polarized if you can get them) will give you the plasma burn, disruptor proc and do enough good damage.

Using DEM3+tractor+atk Beta+omega passive will maximize your shield-bypassing damage. EMG to wep too if you can squeeze it in.

Breen cluster torp or harpengh will give you a spike damage to hull and hyper-plasma under high yield will give you a VERY good plasma stack damage.

All you need to do is stack plasma damage consoles

The weakness of this build is that it will suck vs players and now vs borg. Both clean/resist plasma fire almost instantly. Against any other NPC it will be quite good.