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02-01-2013, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
Photonic Officer - Woefully underpeforming compared to advertised rates, long cool down. The ability seems to scale very little between tiers.
On the topic of Photonic Officer and why it's so terrible.

TSS has a cooldown of 45 seconds.

PO1 takes this to 37 seconds.

PO1 lasts 1 minute.

TSS will receive no benefit from PO1 if it's triggered after the first 23 seconds of PO1.

Why? Let's say you trigger PO1 and 25 seconds later you trigger TSS. 35 seconds after that you're looking at TSS, waiting for it to come off of cooldown, when suddenly it jumps from 2 seconds to 10 seconds. PO1 wore off, and the reduced time was added back on.

This is throw stuff at the screen bad.

There's no reason it has to work this way, given that the Aux2Batt Technician cooldown does not. The Technician reduction just subtracts a set number of seconds from the current cooldown, literally taking seconds off the clock, without the possibility of adding them back on.

PO's effect can't help the abilities that need it most, the ones with really long cooldowns. The Technician reduction can be used multiple times on abilities like RSP until they hit their global.