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Originally Posted by notapwefan View Post
So I am tac, and majority of my skills are in tac tree and then in engineering tree. The only place I spend my skills in sci tree are Starship Shield Systems.
Now this brings a question. Can I use Aux power to cover the lack of skills in sci tree if I want to use, say gravity well?
It depends. Some sci skills do get a massive boost out of AUX compared to the boost they get from skill points.

Grav well performance is based on three things:

Aux Power
Particle skill
Graviton skill

Graviton only affects the tractor effect.
Particle affects the damage inflicted.
Aux power massively increases the damage inflicted.

Since grav well's tractor effect is so weak even at 9 skill points+uberstacked equipment bonus there is no point at all in bothering to spend points in it.

Particle skill at 9 + max aux gives you great damage... but ONLY if the target is at the very center of the anomaly. Since the tractor effect is so freaking weak this never applies for more than 1 tick.

So, for grav well, AUX will only pump damage up to decent levels IF you manage to hold the target down (tractor beam). Otherwise its nothing more than a weak tool to bunch NPC's into one location for AOE weapon spamming.

AUX boosts heals tremendously... boosts the duration of sensor jams (useless since one hit from anything breaks it anyway) and increases the damage range of feedback pulse and any other direct damage sci ability.

However, overall, sci abilities are so useless now its not worth it for anything other than heals.