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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Are you sure the rommie 2pc doesn't affect plasma torp dots?
Yep. There are a few posts in the Gameplay Bugs section of the forums. There are other threads here and there with folks arguing whether it should be +7.6% to Plasma Damage (ala an Infuser) or if it should say +7.6% Plasma Energy Damage but only work like an Ambiplasma for Energy Weapons.

Some of us could have sworn that it used to work like the Infusers. I hadn't changed my Fed Eng (mixed beam/torp) with it in over a month, but when I picked it up on my KDF Eng (torp)...yeah, I wasn't a happy camper.

Particle Gens: +EWP
Infusers: +EWP, +Directed Energy, +DEW DoTs, +Projectile DoTs
Ambiplasma: +Projectile DoTs
Threat: +EWP, Directed Energy, +DEW DoTs, +Projectile DoTs
2pc Harness: +Directed Energy, +DEW DoTs

Personally, I hope it is a bug and the 2pc works like an Infuser. Some believe it should work closer to Ambiplasma for Energy Weapons...meh.

Some folks have said they see the tooltip for regular Plasma Torpedoes change - but not for Hyper or Omega. Even my regular Plasma do not change...

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