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*The Assault Ops trooper is still sitting next to Sam. Suddenly the vital monitor starts increasing in frequency. Her Pulse and respiration is rising, as is her neural activity.*

*Sam groans as she wakes up.*

Sam: Where am I...?

Chief: You're safe. You're aboard a Republic Military Base in Sector 411.

Sam: Wolfhound?

Chief: Yes.

Sam: I though that didn't exist.

*He smiles beneath his helmet.*

Chief: A lot of things aren't what they seem.

*Earth. Starfleet is holding back rebels as thousands of civilians clamour into freighters trying to escape the violence. In orbit, Starbase 01 is in hiatus as they try to push every available ship into service. Suddenly, the orbital defences turn on the station, tearing it apart as 5 medical ships and a Valiant-Class Escort escape.

(OOC: The Valiant-Class is a modernisation of the Defiant-Class.)

The freighters run the blockade but an Iconian Frigate blocks their path.

Suddenly, an Allen-Class Tactical Exploration Cruiser swoops in and activates her bit system just meters from the frigate. The damage is minimal, but it allows the fleet to fold-jump to Mars.

Utopia Planetia. The fleet is joined by most of the Mars Colony - evacuating from the system - and several of the Starfleet Museum Ships hastily refit and with hastily assembled crews. There are 2 Ambassador-Class ships and a Defiant-Class.

On the Bridge of the Allen-Class U.S.S. Excalibur, Captain Jack Forrester and his crew are out of uniform.*

Forrester: This is the United Starship Excalibur to all vessels, prepare for a Transwarp jump to the Paulson Nebula!

*He looks at his XO, who nods to him.*


*The Helmsman turns to look at him.*

Punch it.

*The Excalibur, Valiant and Hospital Ships open Transwarp Conduits and hold them open until the Evacuation Fleet gets through. They then pass through the conduit and emerge inside the Paulson Nebula.*

Alright, nice work.

All ships, report!

Starfleet Captain (Valiant): U.S.S. Valiant on station.

Starfleet Captain (Medical ships): Captain Pulaski here. We all made it through.

Freighter Captain (Earth): Earth Freighter Group. We're all here.

Freighter Captain (Mars): Mars Freighter Group. We're fine too.

Starfleet Captain (Ambassador 1): This is Ambassador-Class U.S.S. Excalibur, we're on-station but not in good shape. Same goes for the Defiant and the Yorktown.

Forrester: Damn it.

Understood Excalibur. Forrester out.
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