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*James arrives on the bridge of the USS Odyssey C, Wax turns in the captain's chair and gets up to take his first officer's chair. *

James: Wax is everyone on board?

Wax: Everyone except Lt. Commander Firie.. She went to the Vice President's office.

James: I feel something is going to happen soon...

*the viewscreen comes up on its own. *
Santiago: Admiral, we have a situation down here.

*Phaser fire can be heard in the background.*

An assassin is in the building. Listen to me, we need an exodus! We can't hope to beat the Shedai! Take as many civilian and Starfleet Vessels as you can and rendezvous with the Republic Fleet in Sector 411!

Don't wait for me! Civilians are already evacuating the planet, they're your priority!

You're in charge, Admiral! Until this office says otherwise, you're in charge of all Federation Forces! Everything's gone to hell James! God help us, you're on your own!

*The transmission goes dead in static.

In the President's Office, DeSalle walks in and slams Santiago against a wall. Nanoprobe tubules extend into his neck and the probes destroy his body from the inside.

Something is latched into DeSalle's spine - a Synthesiser Drone.*

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