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02-01-2013, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by xxninjaz1xx View Post
ahh thank you! ill get to finding some decent polarons for the Vo'Quv
Polarons are good if you are already speccing into flow capacitors.

In general on pets, DPS if you get any at all comes from their projectiles: torps from BoPs, HYT from scorps, trics from Fer'Jai. Fer'Jai are the sturdiest thing out there right now. Orion Interceptors are more effective than I think they get credit for with their very low time to target and debuff. If you are going to use scorpions wait until tier 5 and get the best ones. They explode when the enemy looks at them but they usually fire off a HYT first and the re-launch on them is low.

The Kar'fi can throw some damage down range, the Vo'Quv not so much. As a sci with either of those I would invest in the subspace jump console so you can put a sub-nuc on someone in a timely manner. I've flow all 3 professions in a Kar'fi and I personally feel she deserves a Tac captain, but Sci definitely worked too.