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02-01-2013, 08:25 AM
The only advantage the bug has is the turn rate... thats it. In every other way the fleet ships are a match...

The uni stations are pointless... no one is going to NOT run a sci boff... and why would you put a tack in the other one...

That means there are 2 Possible Bug configurations...

Fleet Escort...

Or dual Sci LT with only one Engi ensign... its fun to mess with but not its in no way a real options...

So its got a fleet escort layout.

Hull means very little to pvp its true... so the extra 1-3k it has there over a couple of the escorts is again no big deal.

Shields NO the bug does not have more shields... yes I won't claim only one sci slot makes the ship terrible or something... but yes it matters. Yes any of the fleet escorts with 2-3 Field gens will have more shielding... and NO neutronium armour is not in anyway a good replacement for that on an escort... one Neut is all you need on any escort or your doing it wrong.

The 5th tac console... nice to have but not unique to the bug... and frankly doesn't add as much real DPS as people seem to think.

Bottom line its better then the other escorts for 9 out of 10 Escort play styles. Sure... but not by the amounts people let on. It has one real advantage... turn rate... and sure it could be taken down one point and still be a fantastic ship. Really thou at the end of the day thats the only real + it has going for it. Well it turns on its proper center and thats just OP. seriously this game has a ton of ass turning escorts.

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