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Originally Posted by starwrathforever View Post
Nah...I'm in love only with my AtB Chimera! But I'd like the Ambassador had 10.5 turn rate, DHC, +10 weapon power and a cloak...mhm...this reminds me something...
Kamarag vs. Ambassador (all before skills):

-4500 Hull
-1 Device Slots
+3.5 Turn
-10 Inertia
+5 Weapon Power
+5 Engine Power
-5 Shield Power
-5 Auxiliary Power
+Dual Cannons

DHCs are limited to when the target's in that 45 arc. Cloak can't be used in combat. The loss of hull, device slots, inertia, shield power, and auxiliary power are always there. The increased turn rate, engine power, and shield power are also always there.

Going from a Sovereign to an Ambassador:

-100 Crew, +500 Hull, +10 Inertia, +LCdr Sci, -LCdr Eng, +Lt Eng, -LT Sci

Going from a Vor'cha Retrofit to a Kamarag:

-800 Crew, -1000 Hull, +0.5 Turn, +LCdr Sci, -LCdr Eng, +Lt Eng, -Lt Sci, you don't see the issue?
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