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02-01-2013, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by darkzenithuk View Post
Not everyone is playing for free you know, and some of us sank a lot of money into the game from day one (and continue to do so). Where customers are concerned, being 'grateful' is a two way street.

That being said, the game is much, much better than a year or two ago.

If so, you buy the "extras" not the game itself.
I my self bought a gold edition of the game, i did that, fully knowing the game was free, but i got a t-shirt a map and some postcards, in-game i got the red-matter and some costumes.
Also, two months subscription.

Still, the game is free, and you pay for the extras you get when you subscribe to any of the packages.

If there were problems with the "extras" you get, you have cause for complaining.
It's good that people actually choose to contribute to the game, or it would have gotten stuck somewhere when it comes to updates and new content.