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I was not complaining at all.
Yes you were. You were complaining about people complaining.

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More or less i was trying to convince people that "whining" / "complaining" constantly wont help, and as this game is free to play, i see it as being ungrateful in comparison of what they already is getting.
As someone mentioned, you're assuming that it's only people who don't put any money in that complain/"Whine".

For all the people who are lifetime members and gold status, those who buy zen, the game is not free and I think you will find they "whine" and complain just as much.

And before you say lifers don't pay, they paid up front so it's not free for them.

Are you saying they don't have a right to complain or whine even if it isn't constructive?

They have a lot more right then most people do who don't put a penny into the game.

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It's like taking the kids with you shopping.
They see something they want, you say no, not this time, and they continue to want it, and as kids, they whine when they dont get what they want.
So in this, you would say that the parent is just as whiney as the kids?
Not sure if you have been to the forums before you started posting, but not every complaint is a whine, so to liken people complaining to kids wanting everything, well I think you either extremely naive, or you have a very binary look at things in life.

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And this is what i see in many of the posts.
People acting like children because they are not getting what they want.
"Fix that" Give us this" "if not i' wont play anymore" "Craptic" "You broke something again!"
And yet, as you say, the "facts" are this game does have many bugs, some from when the game started. Have you seen the bugs already with the new content? Have you seen the many posts talking about the lag and bugs? Should people just except it and be thankful.

Before season 7 started and the EP either blatantly lied, or mislead or was given wrong information about STFs, people took to the forums to complain about it when it actually went live, to the point that the EP had to backtrack and dil was added back in. Some of these people that complained, where defenders of the game who were not happy. Are you saying they shouldn't have, considering it was the weight of not only these forums, but forums all over that were slating STO and especially about all the Dil being taking away,that got Cryptic to change and re-add?

Look, were not going to agree.

You say you didn't complain or whine, yet I believe you did.

I believe everyone, including non payers, can whine and complain till there hearts content. You can either ignore the posts like a lot do, or you can post and put in how wrong they are and that from your point of view, they should be thankful for what they get, but expect people like myself to challenge your opinion...
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