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Wow, thank you this is really very helpful!

It seems that for the most part going to 9 from 6 is hardly worth it. I wonder why then many experts suggest 9 points in, for example, Warp core potential and Electro Plasma, unless the practical experience proves otherwise. Heck if I went 6 points instead of 9 in my current skills I could easily include Sensors, Dampeners, and Flow. But I'm sure I'm missing something important.

I know, Cryptic just give me an additional 100k Space Skill points plz.
There are still a few areas you will want to max out your points in just so you can be as efficient as you possibly can in PvP. Where those extra 3 points from 6-9 can mean survival or death for you or your teammates. I generally suggest 9 points in Hull Repair, Shield Emitters, Structural Integrity, Weapons Training, Shield Systems, Maneuvers, and Targeting systems. After that the min/maxing becomes a preference on what you would like to do with your build or defenses/weakness on your opposition.

In theory this sounds great and that explains why the Pandas have such a good rep. I know my fleet doesn't have the teamwork clicking that finely yet. But what I don't understand is how can another healer cleanse me if they too are under the influence of Scramble or AMS? Should we spread ourselves out? If so, don't we all need to be within approx 10km of each other so the team remains covered?
Firstly teams should always try and stay in range of their healers, so yes it's a great benefit to the team to all stay within 10km.

As for the passing of heals while scrambled or AMSed, that's where keybinds come in very useful.

If this question will be covered in a future bootcamp I apologize and can wait till then.
If I am giving out information thats not on pace with the bootcamp I apologize for this. It's not my intention to do that at all, and some one just let me know and I will cease and desist. I do not want to undermine the efforts of all the coaches and others involved with this.
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