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02-01-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by thowas View Post
I have to ask, what is it now you are hoping to achieve with your posts and responding to mine?

I thought you were not here to defend Cryptic, but your posts sound like it's exactly what you are doing and you certainly don't need to defend yourself to the likes of me

You said your original piece and now you are spending time trying to defend it.

You do know that your posts as well as mine are contributing 0 to STO?

As to why I post here and why I respond, well I have been here since before day 1 and I have my reasons.

If you can be bothered, look up my posts and you will see a general theme, however I wouldn't bother.

You on the other hand, a new poster, well I do have to ask as I mentioned above, why are you still responding?

Unless, as I suspect, you are enjoying the sparing Trust me, these forums have always been better than STO.

Go enjoy the game.
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