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02-01-2013, 10:48 AM
I have to admit that the fact that not all the Vessels Available to the KDF can cloak bugs me a bit.

We've seen that in the various Canon shows that the Klingons had cloaking devices on pretty much every vessel that they owned even cargo ships and passenger transports.

The Cloaking device is a big part of the Klingons and one has to wonder why it would not be integrated into every possible vessel in service to the KDF?

Cryptic should offer a universal Standard Cloaking Console that's only available to KDF players that gives us the option to add cloaking to our vessels at the cost of a console slot.

(Maybe a Klingon House Rep System Reward Perhaps)

At 1st I use to think that it would be OP for all KDF vessels to have the clocking ability but that's not really the case; battle cloaking yes but standard cloaking no.

With all the stealth detection skills and buffs that are available to the player in game just having 50 power in auxiliary is more than enough to detect the average cloaked vessel from about 6 K out.

I think the real reason that not all KDF vessels can cloak is because the same option could not be applied to the Fed side and that Cryptic is just trying to avoid upsetting the larger faction and their money.

It's weird to try to apply realism to game based on a fictional IP but when you think about it the cloaking device is one of the Klingons greatest abilities and they would be trying to add it to every vessel that they had.

We were told that the Vo'Quv was too big of a vessel to have a cloaking device but then why can the Assimilated Vo'Quv Carrier Cloak?

And what's with this 80% cloak crap?

Your cloaking ability should = your stealth skills and buffs + your Auxiliary power level.

If you're willing to invest points and power into going undetected and player trying to find you should have to add just has much if not more to try to detect you.

For the Record:

Every vessel in service to the KDF in STO should have the option to be able to add cloaking to it.