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02-01-2013, 09:53 AM
I have 25...Most I do not really use but they are tier 5 ships. It is not hard to collect them.

1-PvP crusier (Heavy Cruiser)
1-Pvp escort (Defiant Retro)
1-STF cruiser (Oddy Ops)
1-STF escort (Heavy Destroyer)
1-PvE Cruiser (Oddy Tac)
1-PvE escort (Patrol Escort)
1-Dance Party cruiser (Galaxy)
1-PvE FleetMarks (Dreadnought Galaxy X)
1-PvP Sci Ship (Sci Long Range Recon Retro)
1-PvE Sci Ship (Kitty Carrier)
1-Special Event Ship (TOS Connie)

12-Tier 5/cargo/special duty ships
2 -small craft

As I said, it is not very hard to collect ships even without keeping the lower tier ones.

Cryptic is aware of the ship limits and is trying to add more slots...maybe when we get Risa Beach Wear we will get more ship slots...

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