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Um enjoy what little of it that there is? Get a few different ships so that at end game your not....OMG I"VE ONLY EVAH USED ONE SHIP WTF!!!!!!

They're all pretty good options. Especially once you get alpha. Whenever that happens again I've forgetton. Alpha is a very long buff it works great on the constant pew pew pew that cruisers lay down. Seriously its 30 seconds. Use that with DEM and see what comes out ahead vs 3 mobs.

Seriously relax have fun. Try out some new stuff. Espcecially if you've NEVER flown KDF cruisers they are NOT like Fed cruisers. KDF cruisers are like....slightly chubby engineering heavy escorts. Anyways tryout a few things while you have the chance. Theres a commander level K't'inga in end game stfs. How cool is that.

Do the mission and get the free 3rd year anniversary ship! It is very nice.
I posted it before knowing about the anniversary ship. Now I took it and bought a raptor with the ship requisition token, so I have all 3 ship classes to play around with and see which I like most.

I asked because I had issues with ship selection on my Fed toon. Ran an escort for levels 10-20, then switched to cruiser. I disliked it so much that I literally counted every XP up to 30 when I could switch.

What is DEM btw?