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02-01-2013, 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Maybe give us the option to stuff our ships back in their boxes, so we could store them in out inventory? Or have a special tab in the C-store that allows you to resummon them after you unlocked with your purchase?
Stuffing them back in the boxes would be an issue, since the boxes aren't bound, and thus you'd be able to get a ship, take out the special console, rebox it, then trade it to somebody else for them to do this. There'd be even worse abuses for the consoles/weapons that aren't unique...

Perhaps a special box, which is account (or even character) bound, created for each ship? And the ship that spawns comes out naked? You'd have to dump all mounted items into the bag when reboxing, to prevent accidentally destroying consoles/quads etc.

Workable. Another vector for bugs, but anything that touches code is.

Originally Posted by nandospc View Post
dismiss an old c-store ship that you don't use and ABRACADABRA, problem solved
Also this. You can always get those back; no reason to store them if you're not using them.